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We’ve been supporting restaurants in Japan through a variety of online services, sales promotions, and management support since 1996.


Find Japan's best restaurants under “Recommendations.” We at Rakuten GURUNAVI carefully choose these recommended restaurants based on the popularity of their area and cuisine. Find a restaurant that suits your taste by simply selecting area and cuisine.


When looking for restaurants, we are naturally curious about the type of food and cuisine, ingredients, and cooking methods. Rakuten GURUNAVI provides this vital information under “Menu.” The restaurant menus are available in four languages: English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Korean. We have been continuously updating and improving the menu service since its launch.


After you find the best restaurant, you can make a reservation directly on Rakuten GURUNAVI. To do so, select your desired set menu and make the payment in advance. This allows you to enjoy your gourmet experience without hassle, especially if it is your first visit to the restaurant of your choice!

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