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Yakitori pub TORIKIZOKU 鳥貴族The reason for its popularity lies in the uniform low price of 280 yen (tax not included) per item. While paying the uniform price per item, customers can enjoy high value merchandise, service, and space. At TORIKIZOKU, we only use domestic chicken in order to serve the most delicious tasting Yakitori.

Every day, our staff would carefully skewer fresh chicken meat one by one and dip it in the homemade sauce prepared by slowly cooking vegetables and fruits according to our secret recipe. We put in time and labor that cannot be imaged from the price of 280 yen. Nonetheless, at this incredibly low price, we offer delicious taste that can satisfy any Japanese customer.

Message from TORIKIZOKU

Yakitori pub TORIKIZOKU 鳥貴族Fabulous satisfaction at a uniform price of 280 yen (tax not included) High quality Yakitori, dedicated staff with a great sense of hospitality, and special ambiance filled with woody warmth. We offer high value service at a low uniform price of 280 yen (tax not included) per item.

You may think that it is just a matter of 280 yen. But it is TORIKIZOKU's philosophy to offer our ultimate service to bring fabulous satisfaction to our customers at 280 yen.

Yakitori pub TORIKIZOKU 鳥貴族 An array of reasonably priced menu items, delicious taste that satisfies any expectations, and surprisingly low price presented at the cashiers. Experience the pleasure of finding satisfying items from the menu with a uniform price.

We planted lots of seeds of fabulous satisfaction in our pricing of 280 yen. The ultimate Yakitori and "energizing" hospitality and atmosphere that are unique to TORIKIZOKU.

It's only YAKITORI but we want to brighten up the world with it. That is the pride of TORIKIZOKU reflected in the uniform price of 280 yen (tax not included).

What is Yakitori?

Grilled skewer

A Japanese cuisine prepared by skewering 5-6 pieces of bite-sized chicken meat then grilling it directly over the fire (grilled skewer). Historical record shows that the Japanese people were enjoying Yakitori at banquets already in the Heian period.

Cooking Method

We use a cooking tool called "Yakitori Maker" or place skewered chicken directly on charcoal or a stove to grill.


Skewered meat is grilled, but in most cases, meat is "seasoned" before, during, and after grilling. There are two types of seasoning: "Salty seasoning" mainly consisting of salt, and "sauce" prepared by blending soy sauce, mirin (sweet sake), sake, sugar, vegetables and fruits in which skewered chicken is dipped before grilling. At TORIKIZOKU, we use "homemade sauce prepared according to our secret recipe".

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