January 6, 2015

Food Culture in Yokohama

The process where you sliced beef in hot soup is said to have the sound "Shabu Shabu".

shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki "KISOJI" is a chain restaurant. It's well known for its shabu shabu, sauces and great service.

You can taste every kind of foodstuff are best selection from Japan.

KISOJI, shabu-shabu and sukiyaki

All staff at KISOJI have engraved in their minds the 'standards' of shabu-shabu and sukiyaki as well as 'taste, quality, service, and restaurant design'to present our customers with an authentic taste of Japan.

Shabu-shabu is believed to have originated in the northern region of China. Its exquisite taste and simple preparation have won the hearts of Japanese people, and it's become a popular dish all around Japan.

KISOJI Standard


Standard of Meat

We carefully select premium, quality meat from various places around the country that meets KISOJI standard. Shabu-shabu is a course prepared with carefully selected beef and seasonal vegetables. Compatible ingredients complement and accentuate the flavors of each other. No oil required. Simple preparation only involves pouring soup stock over ingredients. Prepared with lean meat with any excess fat removed and plenty of healthy steamed vegetables, shabu-shabu has an excellent nutritional balance. KISOJI has incorporated its own effort into the ingredients, flavors, and nutrition. Please fully enjoy shabu-shabu.

Standard of Sauce

Deep and savory flavor is the key. KISOJI's "Secret sesame sauce," making use of both the heart and techniques have created a delicious fragrance. The secret to KOSOJI's delicious shabu-shabu lies in the sesame sauce. 10 different ingredients are included in the sauce. The ingredients are formulated in a special way to create a one-of-a-kind sesame sauce you will not find anywhere else. Deep and rich tastes bring out the flavor of the meat. The fragrance and mild flavor of sesame spreads as soon as you put it in your mouth. Please enjoy this exquisite taste.

Restaurant Standards

A long time ago, travelers rested and recharged at KIJOSI Post Town. Just as these travelers recovered from fatigue, we have thoughtfully named each room of the restaurant so that customers can relax and be comfortable. In a room or a parlor in a calm atmosphere, you will experience heartwarming hospitality. We have prepared each room to satisfy our customers' needs so that all our customers can enjoy their experience. Please make yourself at home.

Service Standards

We provide hospitable service with the best smiles. By always being attentive, watchful, and mindful, we strive to understand your needs and serve you before you make a request. We find great joy in hearing the simple words "Thank you" from our customers when they are leaving.

Beyond meeting the standards at KISOJI

Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki are prepared with carefully selected meat and seasonal vegetables, each ingredient accentuating and complementing the flavor of the other. Shabu-shabu, made with plenty of healthy boiled vegetables, has an excellent nutritional balance as well. Please visit a KISOJI near you.


KISOJI, shabu-shabu and sukiyakiWe are always mindful of "meat, sauce, restaurant, service, and meeting the standards" in addition to serving delicious shabu-shabu and sukiyaki to satisfy our customers.

We provide dishes made with carefully selected Japanese wagyu beef and seasonal vegetables that complement and accentuate the flavors of each other.

Since it also boasts an excellent nutritional balance, please visit a nearby KISOJI to have a taste of Japan.

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