January 6, 2015

Hakone, big group, good food?

5 restaurants hand picked for your request!

Good food in Hakone.

Hello! My name is Kawase Rena, aka Rinasuke.

So, today's theme is travelling with a big group of friends. Hm... well... actually, I went to women's high-school and university, so I only have memories of going on trips with girls.

I've seen TV shows about famous people going on trips all together, so I kind of get the idea.

But in my case, there was no love in the air during the all-girls trips that I have organized, so I can't say they were exciting or thrilling. But I can present you some great restaurants in Hakone that will accept a large group of people, so here we go!

1. Hakone Saryo Chinzanso

Hakone Saryo Chinzanso

This restaurant was originally built in 1918 as a secondary house for baron Heitaro Fujita. It is now registered as national tangible cultural property.


"How on earth can a group of friends enter such a place to have a party?!"

I'm sure you had that reaction! Don't worry, this restaurant has private rooms, and you can even reserve the whole place if you come with a large group of people.

In this restaurant overflowing with nostalgic Taisho-era atmosphere, the chef prepares excellent soba made with buckwheat flour from Hokuryu in Hokkaido.You can also grind your own wasabi! Fresh and sharp wasabi guaranteed!

This place is ideal to taste delicous soba while contemplating the restaurant's beautiful Japanese garden. Sigh... I feel I have definitely become an adult... (over 30 already!)

2. Hakone BBQ Terrace Wimpy !

Just hearing the name of the restaurant is enough to know this is a cheerful and relaxed place.

No need to bring anything! All necessary equipment and food is provided on site. Isn't it useful when travelling with a large group? No need to carry heavy things! On a clear day, have fun with the BBQ while breathing in the pure air of Hakone.

Before I forget, the food is amazing as well. Beef rib loins, thick cuts of pork ribs, steamed chicken, sausages! This place is a paradise for meat lovers. Beer will flow!

3. Taigen


Located on a small hill around Hakone, this Chinese restaurant is a big hit amont locals.

This spacious restaurant can welcome up to 50 people!

If you are looking to go to Hakone for a company trip or with a large amount of people, be sure to check this place!

The most popular dish here is Sichuan spicy garlic pork (雲白肉). It is made of cold pork slices boiled in shabu-shabu stock, along with cucumber and a spicy sauce. The buttery flavor of pork goes so well with the fresh cucumber. And couple with the spicy garlic sauce ... this succulent combination goes perfectly with beer!

Every dish is quite voluminous, so it's ideal to share them with everyone in the group!

4. Itoh Dining by Nobu

Itoh Dining by Nobu

This Teppanyaki restaurant was established through the collaboration of international chef Nobu Matsuhisa - admired by celebrities around the world- and Keisuke Itoh, manager of Itoh Dining.

The restaurant is located in the beautiful area of Gora, notoriously depicted by Hokusai in his "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji" series of ukiyo-e. Enjoy fine Teppanyaki dishes while admiring the gorgeous scenery!

The interior is modern and chic. Only normal, when the chef is loved by so many celebrities!

On the menu you will find dishes that make the best of both the finest wagyu, such as Kobe beef, and ingredients in season.

Of course, there are private rooms in here, and since you are on a trip, why not going to a trendy and luxirious place?

English menu and English speaking staff are available, so this restaurant is strongly suggested for foreigners.

5. Uosei

For deep-fried food lovers, the fried mackerel set menu is a must-eat! The outside is crispy while the fish inside is thick but so soft... It goes perfectly with rice!/p>

They have a sashimi set menu as well, consisting of squid, shrimp and tuna. Did you know very fresh sashimi has a sweet flavor?/p>

The restaurant owner is from Bali, and it is always fun to speak with him. I would come here everyday if this place was near where I live!/p>

So here it is: the best restaurants in Hakone that can take in large groups, be it company, family or friends.

I hope you can have a wonderful trip in Hakone, and deepen your bonds with everyone in the group!

Author: Rinasuke (りな助)


From Fukuoka prefecture, born on May 8th, 1988

Rinasuke organizes more than 100 culinary events every year. She also gathers and provides information about cuisine classes, workshops and community events. She specializes in beauty-related cuisine.

Blog: http://foodcreativefactory.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fcf_staff

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